Wednesday, June 23, 2010

hiding... IN PLAIN SIGHT

$10.00! & I am sold. Over this baby I will swoon; no not yet, just wait & see!

My problem: I need to display products for craft shows & yet I have a teeeeeny tiiiiiny (but much loved) home. Where to store things?.....

You see, I have been making displays out of very large & (at least to me) very cool frames w/ peg board in them to hang my bows from, BUT where to store them at my oh. so. cozy. house?

First, let's re-do her shall we? Start w/ a good cleaning, a few coats of primer & Krylon Ocean Breeze Spray Paint.

Already much better, huh? Now let's add a nice brown glaze like I learned to do from All Things Thrifty & wipe it off....

Generously Apply SANDPAPER. I know, it hurts me too..... (Note the ball.)

Thank your oh so cute "helper." (You have some "helpers" around, don't you?)

Before you do anything else w/ it, use it for a charming prop. We've got a shy one here...

... & 2 not-so-shy ones here:

Make certain my peg board fits....

Now how to hide this beauty? Let's make a chalk board!!! Just get a smooth, flat board. I used the back of the original painting because the painting was glued on the back of an ultra smoooth board, BUT you can get some similar board at home improvement stores. Buy some chalkboard paint. (I used a larger can from Home Depot, but Joann had lots of Chalkboard paint colors for $6.99 last time I was there. Just be sure to Google a coupon b-4 you go so yours will cost 40% -50% less ;)) Apply it with a smooth paint roller & w/ several coats go to town! (Sorry, I forgot a picture of me painting the chalkboard.)

After the chalkboard paint is dry, enlist some help ;) & season your chalkboard so that what you have written will not stay for F.O.R.E.V.E.R.

Install it & TADA!

I just love her.

**Anyone else tried their hand at chalk board paint?

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  1. Oh--this is an awesome project--and turned out awesome!!! I love it!
    Cindy Adkins

  2. WOW -- That is fabulous! You've inspired me. thank you for sharing.

  3. I LOVE it!! Thanks for stopping by Girl in Air...You should definitly link up this project to all the great sites out there!~ I'm your newest follower...

  4. OH this is waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy cool! I love it!

  5. Love it! I have a chalkboard paint menu that I use when I cater. There's a pic of it over at my site! Guess we had the same idea this week!

  6. Great idea! I love it! I'm visiting from What Are Little Boys Made Of at 733.

    P.S. I was reading your About Me... I come from a family of nine children also. :)

  7. Wow, this is really cool. Great post.

  8. This is super ! Love the blue. Great job!
    Happy new friends Friday!
    Following your blog and would love for you to say hi and do the same!
    Xo Frenchy

  9. Visiting from the trendy treehouse. The work you did on that frame was amazing enough - how cool that you turned it into a big decorative chalkboard! I feel satisfied if I can just get a frame hung on the wall, let alone all the cool stuff you do!

  10. That is a great way to get 2 uses out of one great frame! Way to go.

  11. I love chalkboard paint! And your framed chalkboard turned out wonderfully!

    Blessings & Aloha!

  12. I love this idea. It is awesome. I hope it didn't say "vermeer" or something in the corner of that painting, though. ha!

    What a great link up to Alphabe-Thursday's letter "W"!

    Thank you for paricipating!


    I love chalkboard paint. Painted the side of the TV armoire by our garage door...we leave messages there. It's different and cool!

  13. Cute frame! Thanks for visiting my site and commenting on my cake.

  14. I LOVE IT!!! How creative to use it with the peg board!!! I never thought of that.... Awesome idea!! Love the pics with your "little helpers" :)) I have a couple running around here too (My grand babies Presley and Kylee) Hard to get anything accomplished when all you want to do is play ring around the rosie LOL!!
    Thank you for visiting my blog... Stop by anytime :))
    See ya soon!!
    Your newest follower,
    ~ Michella ~

  15. Love chalkboard paint here! This was such a wonderful solution for you! Thanks for sharing your success on Modern Craftswoman Monday! Rory

  16. Great job! The color is terrific on that frame. But the best part...your models. They're adorable!

    Thanks for linking to my Time Travel party.

    I would love for you to join me for any or all three of my linky parties each week.

    Get the details here:

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    Hope to see you there!
    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  17. I recently did a very similar project, but I used a tan color paint. I still haven't bought chalk to try it out, but I plan to soon! Love your frame!

  18. the finish you gave that is just perfect!! i love it!

  19. $10 for that huge frame. Jealous! Love the color and distressing.

  20. Your hair bows and headbands are so cute! The display board you made turned out super cute! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  21. I LOVE it. I have made a few fabulous frames into chalkboards in the last couple months, but my favorite was a large one similar to this one. It makes such a nice statement when it's big. And I love the color.

    House of White